Container Spreaders

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Find the perfect Container Spreaders to enhance your freight handling operations

Here at Tec Container Asia Pacific we’re specialists in designing and manufacturing container spreaders. Backed by over 35 years experience delivering spreaders on a global scale, we can find the perfect cargo / container spreader for you.

Not only are we experts in creating customised solutions to suit your lifting needs, we’re renowned for manufacturing equipment that delivers efficiency and reliability. What’s more, our container spreaders and container handling equipment are of premium quality at an affordable price point. As a result, the productivity of your port, terminal or factory area is optimised, reducing down time, delays and negative impact on your bottom line.

Our cargo spreaders are the safest solution for container handling, making your work simpler and more profitable. Every cargo spreader is designed and manufactured in compliance with relevant safety regulations. Above all, we understand that reliable, compliant equipment is of utmost importance to the smooth operation of your freight handling location.

Our huge range of container spreaders suit a variety of applications:

Fully Automatic Spreaders

These are top-lift spreaders with twist locks that activate automatically and lock on to the top of standard ISO containers. Suitable for all kinds of port cranes:

  • Mobile Harbour crane spreaders
  • Ship to Shore crane spreaders
  • Yard crane spreaders
fully automatic spreaders tec container asia pacific

Semi Automatic Spreaders

BA-008 through to BA-228 models

Designed for handling 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and 45ft ISO containers with single or double hook jib cranes. For container handling on conventional ships, shipboard, gantry, bridge and portal cranes, also under mobile harbour cranes. Twist locks activate mechanically by landing and lifting the spreader.

  • Double security system to avoid lifting failures
  • Guides / flippers on request
  • Plates for oversized loads
  • Forklift pockets for movement of the spreader

Special Model Spreaders

  • Rotary spreaders
  • I-shape or mono-beam spreaders
  • Gravity point regulation spreaders
rotary spreader tec container asia pacific

Easy Spreaders

  • Ready for non-intensive use
  • Suitable for all container types
  • Available in indoor and outdoor versions

Spreaders for Indoor Use

  • With short wires or directly linked to the hook of the crane
  • Semi-automatic or manually operated
  • For all kinds of containers
spreaders for indoor use tec container australia asia pacific

Our range of Optional Extras:

Forklift pockets

The best way to move and store the spreader when not in use. Pockets are only able to be used for transport of the spreader.

Security Pins

A useful addition to increase the security of the spreader. One pin beside each twist lock prevents the open movement of twist locks if the spreader is not fully connected with the container.

Guides / Flippers

Flippers facilitate approach maneuvers of the crane driver to the container. These can help to improve spreader productivity.


Galvanizing your spreader offers extra protection against corrosion. We use a hot dip galvanized coating, guaranteeing an extra long life.

Demountable for easy transport

Reduce transport costs and ship the spreader in a standard ISO container.

Extension Chains

Assist with handling open top or damaged containers. Different lengths available to suit your requirements.

Load Test Certificate

All our spreaders are delivered with a CE certificate. A third party inspection can be provided.

Extra Visible

Highly visible panels are an option – these help to inform the crane driver of the position of the cones.

Company Branding

All spreaders can be painted with your corporate colours and logo. A great branding opportunity for your organisation.


Our Spreaders Meet Safety Regulations:

UNE EN 13155 (Cranes, safety and cargo handling equipment)

  • All twist locks are individually tested and marked
  • User / maintenance guide included
  • Periodical recommended check sheet included
  • Both are provided in English or another language if you require

What kind of container attachments or equipment do you need?

Let’s work out which container spreader will best suit your situation. You can let us know your answers using the enquiry button below:

1. How many containers do you lift a day?

a) More than 100 – Intensive use
b) Less than 100 containers a day – Moderate use
c) Less than 10 times a day – Occasional use

2. What type of containers do you usually handle?

a) 40 ft ISO
b) 20 ft ISO
c) 40 & 20 ft ISO
d) Different to above

3. What machinery do you use for lifting containers?

a) Yard Crane
b) Mobile Harbour Crane
c) Ship to Shore Crane

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