Tec Container Expands into New Caledonia

Dec 5, 2017 | Business News

Groupe SATO in Noumea, New Caledonia have purchased a BA-030HT semi-automatic & universal overheight frame from Tec Container Asia Pacific. The Frame has already left the Factory in Madrid and is due to arrive in Noumea in early January to allow for assembly and commissioning. New Caledonia is an exciting market to enter and Tec Container will strive to meet the demands in this area. When this Frame arrives in New Caledonia, Tec Container will have 107 overheight frames utilised in 25 different countries across the globe.

Groupe SATO, a well-established company based in Noumea, provides a full range of service thanks to the shipping agency and stevedoring section. SATO always strives to improve safety and productivity, and puts customer satisfaction as the top priority. SATO commented that the BA-030HT semi-automatic overheight frame is the best option for their stevedoring operation. Julien Binand, Operations Manager at SATO, stated: “This Frame will give us the possibility to handle most of our OOG cargoes in a safer way, while minimising potential hazards to keep our staff safe. We definitely recommend Tec Container Asia Pacific for their efficiency and professionalism. It’s been a real pleasure dealing with Tec Container Asia Pacific.”

About the Overheight Frame:

The BA-030HT is the ideal choice to suit moderate oversized cargo traffic optimising safety and efficiency. It can be attached to reach stackers, harbour cranes, quay cranes, straddle carriers etc. Following the principle of semi-automatic spreaders – the proper motion of lifting/lowering of the crane opens and closes the overheight frame twist-locks. The Frame has security probes which prevent the false opening / closing of the twist-locks.


SWL  50 tonnes (standard)
Tare weight 3.6t for 40ft

3t for 20ft

Flexibility Fixed 20ft / fixed 40ft

Telescopic, 20ft to 40ft & 45ft

Variable free height From 2.0 – 2.5m

Standard height = 2.5m


  • Connected to the spreader through the twist locks of the main spreader
  • Universal – works with any type of spreader and on any type of machine
  • Easy maintenance due to only mechanical parts
  • Red/green coloured panels indicate the crane operator of the situation of the twistlocks
  • Transportable inside a 20-foot container to reduce shipping costs

Here is a video showing the frame in operation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYfXGpNSl9U&t=1s

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